Welcome to my {TED's} Personedal Website.

Sorry if it hurts your eyes but I don't car.

Table of content.

  1. bug
  2. amazing video of bug
  3. ted gallery
  4. message to the haters
  5. about ted (me)
  6. the coolest pokemons ever
  7. my favourite companies EVER (comiang soon)
  8. my favourite evil things (also coming soon)
  9. My Insane WebComic. (Also coming soon and the soon is a lie.LOL.)


Photos By . itchydogimages. on flickr.

Amazing vieo of bug

the ted gallery (CLICK TO EXPLOR...)

Message to the haters

fuck you

About ted (me)

i am ted
ngeative thing about me. 1. ginger perhapsamondo 2. a lot of evil
positive thing about me. 1. not sure #theodore 2. im theodore
life: music, colours, lights, images, sound, odours, friends, and fun.
ideals: fun honesty smile knowing agape and friends
interests: Genes Computer Fun Programs and "Death Programs" and Fun Ideas and Fun and Agendas and Mind Blowing Things and Peculiarities!
my message to people: havefun
sinS: online message :(
List of Friends On 🌍: God Christoph Ellen Christopher Dane Rufus. And everybody else in the world but only if you want to be friends.
if yuo want to talk to ted: really dont due to the insane curse on me and also im evil and i dont want to talk.
thats every information about me.

the coolest pokemon ever people will be like ted why do you care about these pokemons and

My favourite Companies EVER!!!

Wel its under construction and thers a ton of companies and even institutions that I like so it might take aaages.

My favourite evil things list

Theres also a lot of evil things I like so it might take a long time for me to remember what evil things I like but don't worry if you want to find out what eveil things that me (Ted) likes you will get this information eventually. TD;LR: this Section is undere construction..

My WebComic.

It will happen one day I promise. Reason why I promise: Because if I don't make it then something bad will happen.

Thanks... goodbye...